The Yoga Pioneers Studio

is Permanently Closed as of June 2020

10 June 2020

Dear Yoga Pioneers and Friends of TYP,

  We have missed you!

    Nearly three months have passed since our yoga studio was ordered by government mandate to close its doors, and since then the shutdown’s end date has been repeatedly pushed further out.  It’s been a time of tremendous uncertainty for small yoga businesses like TYP.

    On March 27, the first extension of the shutdown’s end date was announced. As TYP’s Directors, we responded by suspending all active autopay accounts.  Beginning with the April 1 cycle, no student’s account would be charged until we could safely resume teaching in-studio classes. We were well aware this would reduce TYP’s income to zero, while the studio’s operating expenses would continue to mount.  Despite these financial challenges, we felt strongly that suspending autopay across the board was the fairest, most respectful way to support our loyal community members at this truly stressful time, when for many, resources were (and still are) in short supply. 

    TYP has been in a holding pattern since mid-March.  Doing our best to pay the bills and keep our business viable, we awaited word on when, and under what restrictions, we might be allowed to re-open.  Our hope was that the shutdown would end soon enough for the business to recover.  With each passing day, however, the likelihood of that recovery diminished.  When Governor Walz finally announced a provisional June 10 re‑opening date for yoga studios, contingent on implementing stringent social distancing measures, we knew what we had to do next. 


    Unfortunately for the Yoga Pioneers, this lifting of the shutdown order has arrived too late for our business. With no revenue stream at all since mid-March, TYP has been steadily losing money for months.  We could not successfully re-open the studio carrying that financial burden, even if social distancing wasn’t in place – but it is: class attendance is limited to 25% of capacity.  Re-opening under these conditions would only spiral TYP into even deeper debt.

    After profound reflection and meditation, we have made the painful – but economically inevitable – decision to close the Yoga Pioneers studio permanently. 

    We’re feeling bittersweet sadness as this powerful chapter in our lives draws to a close, yet it's intermingled with hope for, and curiosity about, the future.  Eighteen wonderful years practicing yoga and building community together with dear friends…what a ride it’s been!  We offer you our deepest appreciation for making TYP part of your life’s journey.

Wishing you abundant good health and joy,

Herb and Laiki for the Yoga Pioneers

P.S., in parting:

It’s true, the physical yoga studio is closing – yet this brick-and-mortar event does not have to mean the demise of TYP’s amazing community.  Yes, though we must bid farewell to 8054 Morgan Circle, our treasured memories of shared smiles, hugs, and those fabulous apples, oh my! have made their forever home in our hearts…as have YOU.  If you’re inspired to stay connected, reach out for us any time at We’ll be eager to hear how you’re doing, and further on down the road, who knows?  Our paths may well cross again...

10 June 2020