The Yoga Pioneers (TYP) welcome yogis at EVERY level of ability, flexibility, and experience...including absolute beginners!

Each TYP Hot Yoga class format described below is a structured sequence of yoga postures and breathing exercises, always practiced in the same order. Classes are held in our 1200 sq. ft. studio, which is heated to an average temperature of 105° F during class (hence the term, "Hot Yoga"). Should you have any injuries, medical conditions, or concerns about performing certain movements, be sure to let your teacher know before class begins; we are happy to help you modify postures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Hot Yoga Hour. 60 minutes. One set of each posture. Your teacher provides step-by-step verbal instruction and detailed breathing cues for each posture. Individual (hands-on) adjustments offered upon request. Suitable for all levels; if you're a yoga newbie, we suggest you start with this class.
  • 'Classic 26x2' Hot Yoga. 75 minutes.  Two sets of each posture.  Your teacher provides basic verbal instruction and breath cues.  Suitable for all levels.
  • Candlelight Hot Yoga.  60 minutes.  One set of each posture.  Basic verbal instruction and breath cues. Soft LED candlelight enhances the relaxed, meditative environment.  Suitable for all levels
  • Moving Meditation Hot Yoga.  60 minutes.  One set of each posture.  Moving Meditation is TYP's "quiet class," featuring low lighting and minimal verbal cues.  NO FIRST-TIMERS, PLEASE.  If you're new to TYP, it's best to familiarize yourself with the class structure by taking our Hot Yoga Hour class first before participating in Moving Meditation.

For more information, take a look at our First-Timer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.